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Hi! Mi name is William Gruintal and I'll share with you my personal (and
other people's) experiences of rediscovering the secrets of The Mayan World; a
paradise that you must visit in your next vacation. In this blog I'll talk about
the opportunities available for tourists looking for an ecofriendly and
exiting experience far from the concrete of the big cities.

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Mayan Art part 3

Here we have the final version of the mural.

I also got a brief description of their meaning which, in words of the author, is:

“A representation of the transition between the Mayan world and the tech world”, including references to Felipe Carrillo Puerto, and the "Santuario de la Cruz Parlante" (talking cross sanctuary) in the left side of the mural, as central parts of the Mayan history in the state of Quintana Roo, and references to Instituto Tecnologico Superior de Felipe Carrillo Puerto (technology institute) and information technology in general, in the right side of the painting.

In my opinion it is a beautiful piece of Mayan art. ¿What do you think?


Mayan Art Part 2

Here we can see how the mural is taking form.

Today it was revealed for the painter but, unfortunately, I still don’t have a picture of the final version. I’m planning to take a shot of it in one or two days and immediately post it.

The painter gave us his point of view of the picture and, interestingly, suggested that it was only “one” of the multiple interpretations of the picture as any one of us is capable to generate a personal interpretation that, and the end of the day, is equally valid.